Diamonds Mentoring & Empowerment Program
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Cut the Silence
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Diamonds Mentoring & Empowerment Program
Founder and Director Shemika R. Thomas grew up in Montgomery, Alabama where she faced a lot of adversities. One in particular was molestation that started when she was 7 years old at the hands of an uncle (married into the family) and by her step father at the age of 12.​

She had a vision to start Diamonds Mentoring & Empowering Program to educate, mentor and empower females like herself who has been victims of sexual abuse. 
Sleeping Patterns Changes
Grades Dropping at School
Behavior Change
Eating Pattern Changes
Terrorizing Others
Fear of Certain Places
Feeling Unclean 
Trust Issues
Pushing Loved Ones Away

Often times the abuser uses fear to
keep the  person they abused silent. Once the abuser knows that fear has taken root, it will never stop unless the person abused finally speaks up.
Committed to Educating, Mentoring & Empowering.